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How much will it cost?

We would need to meet first for an initial assessment. This will be approximately one and a half hours duration.

After the initial assessment we would normally meet once a week for a one hour session.

Each session will cost £67

I do not charge for the extra time involved in the Initial Assessment. Your Initial Assessment will still cost £67.

My Stopping Smoking Programme consists of 2 sessions. Total cost  is £134.

There are no hidden costs. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or card.

How long will it take?

Hypnotherapy sessions normally last 1 hour.

Before your intervention sessions begin, you will have an Initial Assessment lasting approximately one and a half hours. I will be gathering information relating to your issues as well as looking at wider areas of your life.

In order to achieve your goal you need to feel a commitment to change unhelpful patterns of thought or behaviour. You may be asked to do some form of homework in the intervening week before your next session.

My Stopping Smoking Programme consists of 2 one hour sessions. The second session takes place approximately one week after the first.

Will it work?

Hypnotherapy is an effective therapy. It is brief and strategic. Hypnotherapy is a short therapy. The following are all important to achieve an excellent result:

It is helpful to establish a goal of what you want to achieve through Hypnotherapy. If your goal is unrealistic your hypnotherapist will help you to break it down into more manageable and attainable targets. ©

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