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Sleep Issues

Sleep is restorative and necessary for day-to-day functioning. If you are experiencing problems with sleep, it is likely that everything else in your life will become more difficult and taxing as you will feel you do not have the necessary energy to cope.

You may not be able to fall asleep easily or you may fall asleep easily but wake up again in the middle of the night. You may sleep for 7 hours but feel that you have not had any rest. Sleeping disorders can be complex.

All these things can affect your sleep:

‘Sleep Hygiene’ is the term used by professionals and you may find it helpful to visit


If you have eliminated the above, the following reasons may be why you are not sleeping and if this is the case, hypnotherapy can benefit you.

Nightmares and Night Terrors

Some people experience terrible dreams to the extent that they become apprehensive about going to sleep. They know that they can suddenly awaken screaming or fighting the thing they have been dreaming of. They make awaken sweating or crying with a sense of confusion. Some people will be able to remember the dream the next day and others will have no memory of it.  Frequently people who experience night terrors will feel fatigued the next day as the sleep they experience is not restful.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent treatment for identifying the root causes of your inability to sleep or your lack of quality of sleep.  By examining your thought processes and your lifestyle and by developing effective metaphors, visualizations and self-hypnosis techniques, we can encourage your mind and body to work together to enable restorative sleep and much calmer dreaming.

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