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Social Anxiety Disorder

It is very normal to feel apprehensive about doing something in public when the spotlight is on you. Most people feel a bit nervous about standing up and giving a talk, lecture or speech.  However, if you feel excessive fear and worry about most everyday situations that involve people you may be experiencing Social Anxiety Disorder or Social Phobia. This can seriously affect the quality of your life.  

You may perceive the tiniest focus of attention on you as a massive searchlight shining on you and you will feel terrified that you are going to embarrass yourself in some way or appear stupid.  Some people feel phobic just walking down the road as they feel that everyone is looking at them and judging them badly.

You may be surprised to know that Social Anxiety Disorder is actually relatively common throughout all age groups. Many, many people have used Clinical Hypnotherapy to overcome their fears because it is a highly effective to work with a fully trained therapist to gain perspective on your individual anxieties. I will help you to build up your inner strength and self-belief so that you feel  much more comfortable in public and ready and prepared to meet with any person no matter what the social situation may be. ©

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It might mean that you will never contribute anything at meetings – even though you will have a whole list of valuable suggestions in your head! As with most anxiety disorders, if a social situation presents itself, you will have physical symptoms such as extreme hotness and blushing, a racing heart, breathlessness, shaking, feeling faint and a nauseous upset stomach. If you know that a social situation is coming up you may worry about it constantly for days, even weeks in advance and when that social event finally arrives you may actually feel ill and distressingly self-conscious.